Very often you hear the words “You don’t like Gin? Maybe it’s the Tonic you don’t like”…
Perhaps it’s true, but perhaps… its just the wrong tonic for you or maybe even the wrong gin!

I’m not ashamed to admit that until 2017 I myself was one of those people that said I didn’t like gin, often turning my nose up any time my friends chose it as their drink of choice on a night out. But then I attended a gin festival, the tickets of which I had actually bought for someone else as a present and I was the plus one, and my mind was BLOWN. 8 different bars, each with entirely different gins in all shapes, sizes and flavours.. how is that possible? How was gin so big and I had no clue about it!? That gin festival gave me an opportunity to try so many different gins, discovering new flavours that I did and definitely did not like!! And it was also where I found some of my long standing favourites!
After trying many..MANY gins.. I now know the key ingredients that are just not to my personal taste. This doesn’t mean I don’t still try those gins because if you don’t try, how will you know! It also helps having an incredibly pushy friend (cough.. Nat… cough) who was eager to spread her love of gin! Needless to say, I have now become that pushy friend!!

Gin festivals are a great place to start the journey with gin as it offers you the chance to try without having to buy full bottles. And you’ll often have distilleries there that probably wouldn’t be on your most obvious list of choices

The festival that changed my views in 2017

Since then, there has been an even bigger growth of flavoured gins on the market. There are so many new choices for those that prefer something with less of a hit than the traditional london dry gin gives. Raspberry, Strawberry, Orange, Grapefruit (our favourite!) and even Apple Crumble – the list is endless.

But that list is not only exclusive to gin. The range of tonics has also grown hugely. Lemon, Elderflower, grapefruit, yuzu, orange. Two of our favourites are Elderflower tonic which has a lovely sweetness that cuts out the tartness of most gins. And Sicilian Lemonade which is gorgeous with or without gin (blasphemy)

BUT again… that doesn’t mean gin has to be paired with tonic? There are so many gins that recommend their serve as with lemonade. Personally, I much prefer tonic but it is all down to everyone’s personal taste.
And don’t forget that a garnish also plays a huge part in the end result of your drink. Choosing the correct garnish also adds to the flavour, intensifying it more.


The key to working out which you do and don’t like is trying. Try, try and try again. If you don’t like it one day, that doesn’t mean you won’t like it another.
Start with a gin that is less juniper led and go from there. And if you need any help… head over to our instagram and take a look!

Bloom Gin & Fentimans Rose Lemonade – Garnish with strawberries

Rhubarb Slingsby & Premium Fevertree – Garnish with Raspberries

Slingsby and Indian Tonic

Silent Pool Rose Expression & Elderflower Tonic – Garnish with Lemon peel

Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz & Fever Tree Sicilian Lemonade – Garnish with lemon wedge

Silent Pool and Elderflower Tonic

Mackintosh Old Tom & Pinapple and Lime Juice (topped with tonic) – Garnish with Lime slices

Mackintosh Old Tom with Pineapple & Lime Juice

Laura x

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