If it wasnt for this 2020 Lockdown, we would likely make this more of a thing. HOWEVER, as currently you are allowed a total of 6 people in your Garden (for now) We guess it is time to talk about this and IF you want to join in be sure to tag us & post your pictures on Instagram & Twitter with the Hashtag #Bringagin

So…What is it?


A few years ago (and even before we set anything social up) Natalie would host “Dinner Parties” with some of her Girl friends who love Gin. What you had to do was bring a bottle that you either love or just want to try. Over nibbles and dinner we would each pour our Gin choice for eachother, also bringing garnishing and complimented Soft Drinks how we saw fit.

Then we all decide from our personal tastes whether we like the Gin or not, then move on to the next. Dont worry, we are eating which is definitely cheating.

We also get to understand eachothers tastes. Opinions and word of mouth helps towards Gins so the more dinner parties (WELL Now I guess GARDEN PARTIES) the more people get to know different Brands to stick on their own shelf.

Prior to our Social Sites we didnt take photos the way we did. So showing off the bottles was not the highest of priorities. Still. Photos were taken, just mainly of the set up & food….because we loooooove foooooood….mmm Camembert…

After Laura and Myself Social Account set up & the next party, we actually took a picture of the Gins this time!

@two_gindependent_women #bringagin

Out of the total of 5 guests the ratings were the following

@nordesgin Served with Apple Juice & Garnished with Passion Fruit, Mint & Apple – 4/5

@marmaidgin Strawberry – Served with Strawberries, Lime, Mint & Ginger Ale – 3/5

@veranogin Watermelon. Served with Watermelon, Raspberries & Premium Tonic 4/5

@blackwaterdistillery Strawberry – Served with Cracked Pepper, Strawberries, Basil & Lemon Tonic – 3/5

@harleyhousedistillery Servied with Lime & Blueberries with Premium Tonic – 3/5

The Result?

You learn peoples tastes, but also introduce them to new Gins not considered until a little dinner (and or Garden) party, there are SO MANY Gins out there, that people may have never seen, so its a fun way for your friends and family to find something new.

When we can gather our friends and family together why not #bringagin and tag us in what you brought and loved!!!!

N & L xx