Here you find Cocktails you can make at home…well at least try to like we have…and if we have managed so can you. We will add more as we go along, however here are a few we made earlier. The alcohol can be substituted to whatever you prefer. Although we all know these will taste better with GIN! Enjoy!

Tropical Ice Blast


This concoction was created out of buying this bottle, then standing in the Kitchen wondering what on earth to make out of it. Non Alcoholic can still be enjoyed by substituting the Gin bottle and purchasing Juices similar to its stated contents.

Equipment Needed


Tall Glass

Metal Straw



Orange Juice

5 Handfuls of Ice

7 Whole Strawberries

12 Raspberries (Yes Counted…)

1 Single Shot of Sugar Syrup

Double Shot of Gin – We used @edenmill Eden Mills Aldi UK purchased. Passion Fruit, Apricot & Coconut Gin (Preferred for this Cocktail)

Add to the blender the whole strawberries, Gin (or substitute) 12 Raspberries & Sugar Syrup. BLEND BLEND BLEND – Then add your Ice then BLEND BLEND BLEND AGAIN. Pour into your tall glass then top with Orange Juice. Add your straw & ENJOY

The pairing of the Strawberries, Raspberries, Passion Fruit & Coconut makes this a devine cocktail to try at home. Give it a go and let us know how you got on!


@two_gindependent_women @gorillaspirits

New Purchase from Gorilla Spirits co based only down the road from us (We think this is our closest Distillery) Newly released Silverback Wild Strawberry. The best way to try we decided to firstly turn it into a cocktail. Working out what type of cocktail was the difficult part. Fortunately Gorilla Spirits have their own App which has different cocktails to “Attempt” to make. Chose the Clover Club to make, with Variations to the actual cocktail, hence it now being “The Alternative” – If you want to see their ingredients, check out their app or head to our insta post. Normally this is also made with Dry Vermouth but not the biggest fan so used an alternative

Equipment Needed




‘Lemon Squeezer’ or…Your Hands

Coupe Cocktail Glass


45ml Silverback Wild Strawberry Gin

10ml Strawberry Liqueur

20ml Lime

20ml Sugar Syrup

15ml Egg White

2 Cut Strawberries


Dry shake all the ingredients. Add ice and shake again, double strain into a glass & enjoy!

Gorilla Lime Garnish @two_gindependent_women @gorillaspirits

Salted caramel GIN dalgona

@two_gindependent_women @blackpowdergin

Oh the trends of 2020 this one being the Dalgona Coffee – Very easy to make, definitely wont be replacing my normal Coffee’s but still fun to make – We added some Alcohol in the form of a Gin Liqueur. Salted Caramel to be precise


Whisk or Electric Whisk


Cocktail Glass





For the Whip

2 Tea spoons of Coffee Granuals

2 Tea Spoons of Sugar

2 Tea Spoons of Hot Water

The Rest

1 Shot of Salted Caramel Gin Liqueur – We used Black Powder Gin

1 Shot of Kahlua or Vanilla Syrup (Guess which one we used)

Top With Milk and Ice

Whip – Add the Ingredients together in a bowl and Whisk, you will start to notice it will become lighter, the more you whisk the heavier it becomes. If you are whisking by hand this process is LONG, Using an Electric whisk you will start to see the difference very quickly. Once you are happy with the whipped consistency (Over the head trick) put to the side

The Rest – Using a cocktail shaker add all the ingredients together and SHAKE. Use a strainer over your cocktail glass so the Ice doesnt fall into the glass

Using the Spoon delicately place the whipped Coffee over the top and Voila!….aesthetically pleasing but you certainly feel you are tasting the coffee first over the rest (maybe its because I tried the whip first) Give it a go and send us your pics!



@twogindependentwomen @oldbakerygin

We do not condone drinking Alcohol for Breakfast, or in the Morning (Apparently doesn’t count when at the Airport though) However the ingredients for this cocktail you would tend to eat in the Morning!





2 Shots of Condensed Milk

2 Shots of London Dry Gin – We used Old “Bakery” Gin

2 Shots of Coffee Liqueur – We used Mr. Blacks Spirits

15 Pomegranate Seeds


Put all into a shaker and shake until the outer is frozen

Strain and pour into a coupe glass. Served with Granola (Although you can leave that out)

So there you have Breakfast! Coffee, Milk, Bread & Fruit….with a side of Cereal!!

@twogindependentwomen @mrblackspirits