These are opinions only. We all have different tastes, one ladies trash gin can be another ones treasure…Gin…That’s why there is two of us.

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Location: Isle of Wight. South Coast of England. United Kingdom

Distiller: Isle of Wight Distillery

Website & To buy:


Price Approx: £38

In 2019 Mermaid Gin released their Mermaids Pink Gin. The Isle of Wight Distillery Infused local Strawberries with their signature bottle.   

There is in no way denying that the look of this bottle is exceptional. Putting a pretend ‘Marketing’ hat on (Deeper voice: Hallo there) to look at this bottle compared with their original branding this would sell 1000 times more and…without anyone having to try the Gin.

This isn’t even a negative to me (Self acclaimed bottle whore, meaning I am attracted to a pretty bottle) it makes this company clever in being aware what sells. This bottle will be kept and used for Candles, flower vases & lighting once this bottle is empty. Even the name, us that have imaginations on the fantasy side will be drawn to anything which bears a name that resembles mystical creatures in the sea.  

Ethically, they are active in reducing their Plastic consumption specifically in helping protect their Islands Marine environment. Slowly eliminating plastic from their packaging & using biodegradable materials.

Including what goes into their bottle. Local Rock Samphire off the shoreline, Boadicea Hops, Elderflower handpicked locally & Strawberries grown in the Arreton Valley, a small parish a few miles away from Isle of Wights Newport Town. Juniper, Sicilian Lemon, Grains of Paradise (Similar to Cardamom…so Peppery) Coriander, Angelica, Orris & Liquorice root also includes its botanicals.

@mermaidgin @twogindependentwomen

But is it any good?

Having the original bottle in the collection for a few years now, the smaller version purchased from a local Gin festival, then the bigger given to me for my birthday. Neither are finished. Whether reason for that is due to other Gins that take my priority? That could be the cause.

I am partial to a fruity gin, having a sweet tooth however I don’t tend to eat a lot of desserts (or Chocolate…Apart from certain times, but then I then have to hide it as the husband will consume chocolate like a vacuum) I obviously find solace in a fruity gin. When they released the Pink I was obviously drawn to it (Ahem the bottle) Also being a Strawberry fan, I was sold. Again marketing should be applauded as it sucked me in like a fat fluffy moth to a light.

On opening the bottle it doesn’t have the similar smells to the original. You know that this has been distilled with strawberries. There is an earthy undertone when you smell, like the whole strawberry with its dirt thrown into the Copper Pot freshly picked out of the fields. This I feel could be the Boadicea Hops hiding behind the strawberry.

To pour, don’t let the bottle confuse you it comes out near enough clear with a minimal hue of Pink. Could this be called a pink gin?

Straight with no ice, the taste is the same as the smell, that earthy undertone is there but quickly fades and leaves no earthy “Hops”? aftertaste, instead you get a mixed strawberry & even a spice, assuming this is where the Grains of Paradise comes into play. Looking at their site after typing this comment it states a “warm spice” which now I am just impressed with myself that I got that! *Pats on own back*


Serve 1


-Fever Tree Indian Tonic

-Garnish: 7 Juniper Berries (Yesss Counted) & Cucumber

When looking for its signature serve, cucumber was not the garnish expected to pop up when searching, especially with Strawberry Gin but HEY…Here we are now making it.

To drink instead of the Strawberry your nose takes you to the cucumber, again its that “Earthy” taste that is prominent as I swallow. Yet again that taste disappears and left with the cucumber & a faint taste of the Strawberry lingering in the mouth, no warm spice this time. The aftertaste makes me want to sip more, but every time that ‘earth’ is still the first thing tasted. The longer in the glass that cucumber disappears and the taste becomes sweeter, however, although it is less so, that earth taste is still there.

Serve 2


-Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic

-Garnish: Strawberries

I love elderflower tonic, I love strawberries…So in my head i’m thinking this is a winning combination. Although looking for the Signature serve, I never questioned pairing with Strawberries but adding the elderflower I thought it could take away the tastes that I have already felt trying it neat & with the cucumber. To smell, you get more of the elderflower tonic this time round, and to taste, sure that “Earth” taste is there, much less so this time around. Again it is sweeter with the tonic. The aftertaste is again very faint with strawberry but it is still there & the elderflower is left in your mouth. Longer left there even though garnished with the Strawberries they do not start to overpower the original taste, which in other Gins they do.

so…what exactly do you think?

To state the obvious, the bottle is B E A U T I F U L that is no denying that this should be on a shelf to show off.

Its contents? I cant seem to get over that “Earth” taste, to me its there every time I take a sip. Although it dissolves into much a much sweeter aftertaste, its initial presence to me, I cant seem to shake. We have previously tried this in cocktails which If I remember correctly that taste is completely overruled by other ingredients in the cocktail, but as a G&T to me, its certainly there.

This bottle will eventually be consumed, as I will share this bottle with friends to find out what they can taste. Then this bottle will be lovingly kept empty served as a beautiful lighted bottle.


If there is any combinations you think we should try with this Gin? Let us know and we will give it a go.

N x

All photographs property of @twogindependentwomen

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