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Ice, to us, is one of the more underappreciated ingredients in the drink’s world.

Consider this, Ice is your staple freezer filler, you will choose to store ice over frozen peas you bought two weeks ago (but not replace the fish fingers put in there in 1996) If you do not have a bag of Ice you will travel to more than one supermarket just to find some. Still don’t have any? your drink is now…well…meh…and warm its.just.not.the.same. YET no one seems to appreciate Ice as much as we all should.

Yes, I am sure as you read, you think of the magnificent Ice Sculptures created by hand at the fancy parties you see on the Television, or these days the expensive gadgets that will carve one diamond shaped piece of Ice that took an hour to form as you sit and wait for it to be put in your drink.  Alternatively, like us you’ve tried to purchase giant Ice trays that are delivered and is just not big enough. Never forgetting even when you have a tray, once the seasons approach of glorious sunshine or festivities, you have people to see, 4 giant Ice cubes in a tray is never going to accommodate your needs! Que the mad rush looking for a bag of ice! It’s OK, don’t worry, we have all done it, but now do you see how we have taken Ice for granted? No More we say!

Ice Co who ‘unknowingly to many’ have been stocking your freezers since 1860 (Well…since Freezers have been a staple home appliance) Stocked in every reputable supermarket, Ice Co have given you choice. Their Party bags when you need to fill a cocktail shaker, champagne bucket or large cooler to accommodate keeping cans cold. The Crushed Ice for when you decide to be healthy and make frozen smoothies or (less healthy) frozen cocktails, The Premium Ice when we want an easy cold beverage during the week or our favourite, the Extra-large Super Cube!

These Ice Co Super Cubes have become our staple Ice for the freezer, for us, we use these for our photos we post on Instagram. Alternatively, when we have a small gathering of guests for dinner parties, we use these instead of the party bags to give more of a sophistication for our drinks. “WHAT?” as you pull a face at your screen; “Sophistication? No one notices that?” Sure, you notice when your ice has melted in your drink, but have you ever noticed when a super cube is used it takes longer to melt? No? Oh we have, and there is the difference. These larger cubes keep our Gin & Tonics colder for longer without watering it down, we also use less cubes then what we would normally. Larger the ice the more sophisticated you feel and less scrambling in the freezer for more!!

We all know, taking one photo, whether its of yourself or your food, just the one is never good enough and as sad as it sounds it’s the same when taking photos of glasses of Gin. Sometimes the process can take sooooo much longer, using these Cubes there is no change to the drink apart from the angle in which we are taking it from (Ahem, standing on our heads with our legs in the air whilst shooing our pets from trying to paw the ice) – That’s the beauty of them, these are super cubes, you only need 1 or 2 to fill your glass. After the tons of photos, we can still sit and taste our drink and decide whether we enjoy it or not to review, which then can help anyone that sees decide whether they could enjoy the drink too. We are all Winners!

When we can host dinner parties with friends, we put these in an Ice Bucket which last the night, always some left over as the ice already used stays in their glass. Let’s be honest, we aren’t going to sit around waiting for Ice to freeze we’ve poured from the tap to serve to our guests. Made from Spring Water, these bags are easy to store in your freezer & to take out when needed. We should appreciate Ice even more now! SUPER ICE, Come on, lets hear it for ICE and lets hear it for ICE CO who have been replacing your peas in your freezers for all these years!! Hurrah!!!   

[Gifted Ice to Review]


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