Trying to (In Chandler from Friends voice) BE better in the Shaped Garnish Game

Garnishes. GARNISHES. Oh how a Garnish makes a Gin better, the difference of a good glass, ice and correct garnish makes a drink oh so much more delicious!

We have all seen pictures floating around and peoples garnishes are outstanding! So since the lockdown I have tried to up my game and cut fingers in the process!

The Beginning – PRE LOCKDOWN

When our instagram account first started up I tried to make fancy garnishes I saw made by professional mixologists. Being what I consider slighly arty In my head I told myself “SURE YOU CAN DO THAT” and so when making a drink I THEN SPEND AN HOUR trying to create a pretty garnish, which I am pretty sure it shouldnt take that long!

Behold. The first real attempt. A Heart.

@two_gindependent_women @brokenheartspirit

This was the first time I really tried to make a shape out of a Garnish, and be good enough to post. That doesnt include using a peeler to make spiral cucumbers, delicately trying to put into a glass (now that is another technique I am still unable to achieve) – Looking at the heart now I can see its flaws but also realising a knife may not be the best way to make my garnish game better (I’ll explain later)

Behold. Managing to hide it better. A Crown.

@two_gindependent_women @edenmill

Oranges. Their thick inner skin, Just made this task even more difficult. trying to carve some form of head piece and still not achieving the look that was in my head. Hidden behind that crown is toothpicks to keep it in place…again with carved with a knife. Hang on, I eventually said to myself. Cookie Cutters…that could work? Right? RIGHT? – Scouring through internet shopping sites and not seeing cookie cutters unless for Halloween and Christmas a few were eventually bought.

Behold. Cookie Cutter Flowers

@two_gindependent_women @ginmare

Cookie Cutters worked ALOT Better, still with some of the thick skins making sure you are able to see the shape took some time, but certainly not the hour I was spending using a knife. Finally more garnishes taking a bit more shape. Que downloading a how to guide on Garnishes.

Behold. Flower Cucumber

@two_gindependent_women @hendricksgin

Using the instructions given I slowly put together a Cucumber Rose, which SPOILERS, is just, if not more difficult and LONGER to create. Although having a new found appreciation as to how some garnishes were put together, it still took craft and time. I tried to re-think of ways to up my garnish game, from the pieces I had cut out, what can I form?

Behold. Playing with Fruit, then going back to the Knife.

@two_gindependent_women @bluethorngin

Cutting a piece of fruit skin then trying to make it into something pretty, was easier, getting it to sit into the glass was not. Oh yes you can see its a heart, you cant see me trying to make sure it stays like that. Alas the Garnish game still quite not there. Resorting to the knife, instead I thought of ways to use the garnish to go with its backdrop

@two_gindependent_women @stgilesgin

Using backdrops I again remembered I am remotely Arty & started to draw something that would go with the Gin I am presenting, then using the Garnish to help with it. Using a knife I quickly carved out something fitting to the picture. I was feeling more confident I could get better.


Behold. A Duck

@two_gindependent_women @bathtubginuk

FINALLY. I worked out how to do the GARNISH GAME….Via Scissors. YEP! SPOILERS this was created out of using scissors. Initially using a knife to cut a piece of skin off the fruit, I then cut a duck out of the skin. HAZAAR!!!! Then I used something that completely changed it all…

Behold. Crafting.

@two_gindependent_women @malfygin @distillersofsurrey @oldamershamgin @jarroldsgin @silentpool

Craft Knife. The tool I had in my “Tool” box for many years and it was just sitting there waiting for the lightbulb in my head to go off and remember that (Lightbulb is actually Laura, after telling her I used scissors she said “I need to get you a craft knife”)

@two_gindependent_women @gunpowder.gin

FINALLY. I had cracked the Garnish Game. Now that I have, I dont feel I need to anymore…swings and roundabouts. I am sure the fruity garnish inspiration will come back and no doubt create more, for now though I can sit back and know I had cracked that game and won (*WELL THE GAME THAT WAS IN MY HEAD*)

N xx

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