Birth of @two_gindependent_women

After some toying over whether to start up a blog (and also the time to do so) We both finally agreed its time to set something up and occasionally remember to add to it when we can!

I mean, currently in the Year 2020, the word ‘Busy’ could be considered not to be an actual word anymore. However you find ways to become busy again, even if you can rarely leave the house. So for Laura, she goes for walks with her two dogs & two kids…Me, Natalie…Well…’Busy’ is also called being L.A.Z.Y

Circa: 2013 @two_gindependent_women


We met in 2010 through a mutual friend, although both had known of each other beforehand [Insert story of me being friends with Lauras boyfriend now Husband at the time…No really, not going to add that story, nothing bad happened at all, but how do women get other women on their radar unless you are female and friends with their boyfriends? Haha] – Laura, came over to my house to see my housemate and instead what she had was a conversation with me and realising our personalities and general well beings were pretty similar (We thought we were funny)

Now its 10 years later and she is one of my best friends.

SOCIAL media butterflies

How did the Instagram and eventual blog come about?


In Early 2019 as I was laying in bed looking through Instagram, I noticed a “people you may know” and the little tiny picture was a photo of Laura’s place with a few gin bottles. “One_gindependent_woman” Recognising the picture I clicked onto the profile, noticing a couple more photos and a few taken at mine, I sent her a few messages.

[Me] 08:08 “So”

[Me] 08:08 “Youve created a Gun Account”

[Me] 08:08 [Confused emojis]

[Me] 08:08 “Lol”

[Me] 08:08 “Gin”

[Me] 08:11 “You should change it to two and give me the details so I can log in and post Gin stuff”

[Laura] 08:12 “Haha Yeah did it pop up?

[Nat] 08:12 “Yeah with your name”

[Laura] “Haha OK ill change it”

And that…is how it became “Two_Gindependent_Women”

Sorry there is no action packed filled race to become this name on an instagram account. We had already been going to Gin Festivals, holding Gin Dinner parties with our friends (hence the pictures I recognised)



From there, our Instagram account has grown!

Since its creation we have found this giant amazing Gin community of people who love everything relating to Gin and its wonderful chatting with other people who are like minded as us. Its also amazing to find the businesses that you would not see in major supermarkets who sell the most fantastic Gins, which, has made us extremely poorer [and constant tuts from our other halves] as we have to buy and try! Unfortunately I consider myself a Bottle Whore, so if the bottle is beautiful its very hard for me not to purchase, even if I havent tried the Gin yet. Yes, mistakes have been made and some Gins have not been pleasant at all. However, that Gin then becomes my “Guest Gin” to people who think they like Gin, but will only drink it when they see me.

When we find Gins we love its hard to not see them constantly pop up on our page, as we want to share our love for that Gin so that other people can buy and love it also. Thats what we love to do, pressure other people to love the same things as us..Haha (Joking…ha ha?)

We really just want to make sure small businesses get equal acknowledgement to what larger Gin companies can get, and even though we dont have the biggest follower base we still hope someone will buy anothers gin just from our shoddy phone camera pictures!

We will add to another page our favourite gins as we know it will only get bigger, like our Gin Shelves. I mean between us we have ALOT of Gin to get through! Working from home, I currently sit next to my Gin Shelf! It doesnt make me want to drink whist working but it certainly gives me slight OCD if the bottle is out of place…!! (Corner of my eye noticing a bottle as I type)


To describe us? We consider ourselves to be realists, if we dont like it we are pretty honest about it. We are also not those typical over happy over positive people…unless we really love something, means we really do!

My face has what they call the “Resting Bitch Face” which also Importantly note, having RBF and therefore hardly smiling attributes to my youthful complexion which now falls into the category of MID to LATE 30’s…Thats what I keep telling myself anyway…

Laura on the other hand she smiles alot more and is certainly more positive and outgoing (im sure when she is reading this she is pulling some sort of face…pffft) Although she can add more as i have now said to much already.

More Importantly to all this though it has kept our friendship growing and even stronger

Now we just need to be allowed to go to festivals, holidays and basically SEE EACHOTHER

N xx

Still sober home from @junipalooza @two_gindependent_women

#ginblog #gin #introductions

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